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Our vision for the future is to enable other communities to use this model to simplify the way they are meeting the needs in their community. Helping people does not have to be difficult, it should be simple and community focused. Please feel free to join us at a meeting to learn more about our members and how we turn good intention into action.

Local Area Needs Initiative (LANI)

LANI came about as a way for those who were trying to help individuals in crisis in our community get the help they needed from local area resources. Instead of sending the individuals around the circuit of agencies, it became clear that there was a better way. The agencies and people who wanted to help those in need would meet to share the needs they knew of and solve the needs within the network of local resources.

LANI has no boundaries but focuses on helping those in the Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding areas. When we find out about a need we are able to either refer that person to an organization for assistance or we step in financially and proactively to get the need resolved.

There are many resources in a community but linking those resources in order to more efficiently solve the needs of those in the community is what we do best. We bridge agencies and step in the gap to form a web of interconnected sources to best assist those who need help.

Our singular focus is meeting needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because of our connections, partners and sponsors, we are able to meet needs rapidly with less red tape. We meet monthly to discuss community needs and share common ideas and means of moving forward with solutions. In between the meetings we stay in contact to assure needs are met on a timely basis.

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Our mission is to help meet the needs of families and individuals in crisis by finding and utilizing resources available within the community.

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